Spring Awakening

Sweet pea bush

I love Spring! The days are getting longer. The sunshine feels warmer. Everywhere I look I am surrounded by life. It’s a time of newness and rebirth. I feel re-energized and alive being outside. Today, I took some time to appreciate and capture what early Spring looks like in my garden. Enjoy!

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The Lifecycle of a Sunflower

Mammoth Sunflowers

I can’t think of anything quite as fascinating to watch grow as sunflowers. From seed to flower and back to seed again, the entire life cycle of this summer flower is not only beautiful but also serves many important purposes. As a gardener, I love sunflowers because they are easy to grow, attract beneficial insects, […]

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Summer Garden Insects

Praying Mantis

It’s about time I wrote a post about one of my favorite things to photograph in the garden – insects. Yes, flowers are beautiful and vegetables colorful… but insects tend to make a particularly interesting photo. Although they can be hard to photograph, because they are on a micro scale and move, if you get […]

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