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Seedlings in Egg Carton Tray

If you are like me and love to start your own seeds, you are probably familiar with the usual seed starting vessels – plastic trays and pots, soil blocks, and peat pots. But some of the best seed starting vessels, in my opinion, can’t be purchased from the store. They actually can be made from items you probably …

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Easy tomatillo Salsa Recipe

Ever wonder what makes your salsa verde green? Surprise! It’s not green tomatoes but instead a delightful fruit called the tomatillo. You can purchase tomatillos at the grocery store (typically located near the peppers), but if you have the space I suggest growing your own. With few pest and disease problems tomatillos are easy to grow organically, prolific …

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DIY Organic Fertilizers for the Garden

Organic fertilizers are not only easy and inexpensive to make but they are actually more effective then synthetic store bought fertilizers. Read on for 6 easy ways to make your own!

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

Winter is here bringing frost, cold (relatively speaking, I live in California), and a garden lacking much in bloom. This time of year, when the color is sparse, I love to spruce things up with a bit of yard art. If you have visited any garden center or nursery you probably have noticed how pricey …

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With the holidays just around the corner, I am reminded of this fun and easy project that not only re-uses left over tissue paper from past holidays but acts as a gift itself. Several years ago I came across seed wrapping paper in the store and thought it was an incredibly awesome concept. It is essentially recycled …

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5 Ways to Re-purpose an Old Tomato Cage

October 5, 2016

We all have them. The rusted, bent, and virtually unusable tomato cages. Their condition is a sign of a tomato harvest well done but they cannot possibly handle one more growing season. What to do? Repurpose them! This post highlights 5 awesome ways I found to use my old cages to solve common garden problems. Continue reading

If I could convince you to grow one herb in your garden, it would most certainly be basil. With its lush green leaves, soft fragrance, and beautiful blooms it is the star of the herb garden. Basil is known for a wide variety of culinary and medicinal uses. It can also be used in the home