Welcome to Never Enough Thyme! Here you will find easy home & garden project ideas, tips, and tutorials.

Who Am I?

My name is Stephanie and I am a plant and DIY enthusiast, photography lover, engineer by trait and gardener by heart. Gardening is something I fell in love with as a kid and I’m here to show you that it is not complicated and can be easy.

Never Enough Thyme

I’m mom to a crazy cattle dog and an adventures little boy who shares my love of dirt and green thumb. He’s my favorite helper in the garden!


I live in Fresno, the heart and agriculture epicenter of California. Gardening challenges here include drought and extreme heat. If I’m not working as CEO of Casa de Gonzalez, you can find me in my fruit and vegetable garden, experimenting with organic pest and weed control, or re-purposing old items in the backyard.

Never Enough Thyme Garden

Happy reading!